First Draft of my Portfolio Page

Any critique is much appreciated, something I’m a bit confused about is when to use a class or id for an element.

Hi,Its looing very nice though i just didn’t understood that icon-placeholder thing.
for the class id thing-
id is used for single elements that appear on the page for only once (e.g. header, footer, menu), whereas class is used for single or multiple elements that appear on the page for once or more than once (e.g. paragraphs, links, buttons, input boxes).
it is better to make a habit of using classes to control the style of multiple of the same type of element.

Thanks for the reply!

The placeholder icons are going to be just artsy icons that are relevant to the features I’m talking about. For instance above Animation there might be an icon of a… Film reel? But I didn’t draw them out because I was expecting I might be removing them or changing them in the future.

Okay,Got it.
Great job man!