First JS game built using canvas- would love feedback!

This is my first game built using html5 and canvas:

I originally started building this project in response to this forum post from @P1xt - I went over the time limit set but I had a lot of fun building this.

This game definitely has some issues (I’m already working on one bug where the game immediately ends when the bird/ ball hits certain corners) but I would really like some feedback regarding difficulty/ making the game more fun/ making it just better overall.

Also, right now this can’t be played on smart phones because a keyboard is needed to play

Thanks in advance!!

Really cool!

One ergonomic comment: The arrow keys are on the right side of the keyboard, so right handed players have to click the start button with their mouse and then quickly jump their hand over to the arrow keys. So the bird can get 1 or 2 table hits before I’m even moving yet.

Perhaps a way to start the game via a key on the keyboard so that I can have my right fingers on the arrow keys and ready to go as soon the bird starts moving?

@P1xt no worries! I had been wanting to learn more about game development with html5 and your post definitely was the extra push I needed to sit down and really start playing around with it. I’m looking forward to the next game challenge!

@matty22 this is really interesting feedback I had not thought of! I’ve been working on a laptop so it wasn’t really an issue but I think I’ll add spacebar start functionality, thanks!!