My first project: Air combat

This is my first project, developed on a low code development platform (didn’t use any code :smile:)

Can you try it and give me some feedback? Thx.

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Wow, for the first project, I find it cool! That said, it’s very simple (first project, I know) and lacks instructions. For instance, my first “instinct” was to use the keyboard to move the ship, only to lose a couple of times and realize you have to use the mouse.

Another thing I noted is that, sometimes, the enemies spawn too close to the player (at least once, an enemy ship spawned a couple of millimeters away of me).

Now, since Free Code Camp objective is to teach coding skills, no coding is sort of cheating, xD (I’m kidding).

I hope it helps, and hope you create your game using code some time :slight_smile:,

Happy coding!


Nice. Just add a bit of instructions and fix the button size / spacing for “Play again”.


Looks neat. I especially like your choice of assets.

I’m on the same boat as @skaparate, it was not clear to me how I can move my plane. Yup, I used the keyboard, tried the mouse and it seems to not work. And then the mouse finally works. Probably stupidity on my end.

Maybe you can add an instruction on first load?

Anyhow, keep up the good work.

Thanks for your suggestions, that helps a lot. I will try to fix it. :smiley: :smiley: Since I am a beginner, creating game using code seems to be a long way to go :worried: Some low code tools help me a lot.

Thanks so much! I will fix it! And also thanks for your encourage :relaxed:

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Thanks, will fix these :wink:

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Of course! That’s why we’re here: teach, learn, share and help :slight_smile:.

Don’t worry, you’ll get there :slight_smile:,

Regards and happy coding!