First Pass at a Portfolio Page

This is definitely a work in progress with placeholder for projects but wanted to get something done. Please let me know what you think and understand that I am just starting so its not a masterpiece… Yet. Looking forward to hearing from some of you and thank you your help. - Greg


I think this is great work. Definitely in a great place for someone just starting out. If i were you I’d keep this exact site archived somewhere and look at it in 1 month then 3 months so on and so forth just to see how far you’ve come(you’ll be amazed). Great work and keep on practicing and learning.


Your photos aren’t showing up. I think your photos are only visible to you, because you’re signed in to your own dropbox account.

Thank you so much. That is some great advice. Will be interested to see my progress. Thank you again.

Great job! I’m a newbie, so the others can have a more productive input :wink:
The only thing is that your images are not loading for me and the same thing happened to one of my images when I did my portfolio page. I would really like to know why, so if anybody could help us out – why does it happen? There was nothing wrong with my code, because the image loaded fine initially and then when I looked back a few days later it was gone.

Shoot. I was hopping the Dropbox links would be working. If anyone knows a better way of linking my images to codepen without getting Pro. I would love to know.

i just use photobucket or another image hosting site. It’s not the greatest on load times but it works enough.

Try using for hosting your images.

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Ok I think the Img’s it should work now. I am using Let me know if it does’t work. thank you everyone for your support.

I hope the photos are working now. Im trying Let me know if they dont work. thank you

That’s an awesome idea, dg!

yupp the images are working now!

Yes I can see the images now. Just for clarification, when my image was not working I used Imgur and as far as I know it was public not private profile, so I guess that’s one hosting site to stay away from :confused:

Did you mean “aspiring” instead of “inspiring”?

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I think it’s pretty great for someone who’s just starting out! keep up the good work Greg :slight_smile:

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It looks like you’re on the right track!

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Yes… THANK YOU. I totally missed that.