First phone interview next week! Need some advice

I was invited to interview over the phone yesterday and I am feeling so many emotions right now. The interview will last 30 minutes and the job description itself mentions having 3 years experience, of which I only have a few months. Does anyone have any advice regarding the types of questions that will be asked? I figured that since it’s 30 minutes, they would be asking me mostly technical questions.

Take a look at these FCC forum posts regarding actual interview questions.

My experience may be somewhat limited, as the phone interviews I’ve had are typically at first just phone screens, and really not much to be concerned about. My view could also be biased to my own location, as I don’t know how these can vary across the country, or in other countries.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be honest, ask good questions, or try to make a good impression, but that the initial phone call is typically with a recruiter or hiring manager who is just trying to weed out the bad candidates, or ones who don’t match up to the competition.

Just about every phone screen I’ve had has been similar. They ask about my background, who I am, if I know what the company is about / what I found interesting about it or the role, how I found the job posting, etc. More general questions to get to know who you are and make sure your experience, skillset, and drive match up to the opening.

I’ve had some stray ones too that were far more difficult. You never fully know what you’re going to get, but as a general rule, I don’t concern myself too much with the initial phone screen. Or try not to, at least! Interviews are scary!

Anyway, I hope I didn’t make it sound like this isn’t a win! This is a great opportunity to show your worth and drive, so be rested, relaxed, and prepared. Good luck!

There’s no need to speculate or assume - just ask them what you should expect if it has not been made clear

Thanks for the response! Yeah maybe since it’s my first ever phone interview, or interview for that matter (for a tech job), I am way more nervous than I should be. And no, you put it into perspective perfectly!

Of course! Since it’s next week and you have time, I’d still encourage you to look over possible questions like @rmdawson71 mentioned, and if it makes sense, inquire with your contact with more info about what to expect like @ppc suggested. I’ve never done that, so I don’t know the protocol, but maybe someone else will.

In my humble experience, what my people do, they run through your cv and ask you about each section of it. Also they are going to ask you a few technical questions but mostly like general subjects in your position or domain. Prepare a little bit and make sure to appear confident over the phone.
Usually it goes well if you answer precisely, not much details and not so few.

Good luck!