First Portfolio Feedback

I will be grateful and appreciative to have my personal portfolio site looked at please for any feedback.
Thank you for your time!

Seems great! I like the black and white composition. I’ve noticed that if you decrease the width of window your photo will stand alone in the left and text will go below. So you probably should’ve bound picture with bio paragraph.
I just reached to the first portfolio project and wondering how to make such scrolling+link combination.

Anyway your page look pretty neat, nice job!

Looking good, I also like the black and white. :slight_smile:

Hi kyauhen. Thanks for your feedback! Did you mean how to make the navigation bar stay on top while scrolling? In your nav element, add the class navbar-fixed-top.

nav class=“navbar navbar-fixed-top navbar-dark bg-inverse”

Thank you iheartkode! :smile:

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Thank you for attention, but I was wondering about (as I found it later) ScrollSpy.