First portfolio- Feedbacks welcome

Need feedback as I am a new coder here

Hey there! Looks pretty good. From a design standpoint I would do a couple things.

  1. Choose a header background color that makes your title stand out more
  2. Make your title text WAY bigger, you want the viewer’s eye drawn to that first and foremost.
  3. Unstick your footer, if you are going to make something sticky, make it the nav bar as it contains important elements. The footer does not contain important elements.
  4. Consider putting some padding around your nav menu items, right now they look a bit bunched together.

Happy coding!

It looks fine but i think it would be better if you remove the fixed footer.
Also Just decrease the size of the navigation bar and my eyes aren’t comfortable with blue color (may be its my problem, never mind) .
Center some of the header tags
All the very best :slight_smile: