First project - tribute feedback please

I finished my pretty basic Tribute Page, I would love to get some feedback. It was great practice to create something from scratch and I’m enjoying using Bootstrap. Thanks!

One suggestion I would make is to use a percentage for the left and right margin of the body, so that when the screen width gets smaller (think mobile device), you are not wasting 120px of side space which could be used to display the content.

Something like the following would still give you top and bottom margins of 60px, but a percentage on the sides. You might experiment with other margin values and even consider using a percentage for the top and bottom margins also.

body {
  margin: 60px 3%; /*  top and bottom at 60px and left and right at 3%    */
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Yep that would definitely be a good addition, because the one bottom link actually goes outside the box on mobile.

You could also add:

.hide-overflow {

and then add this class to the h6 element containing the link.


Why not just make the text "The website (2018, March 2). Eleanor Roosevelt Biography. " a link to the url and avoid trying to display the long url?