First Project - Tribute Page (feedback required)

Hello community!
This is a link to my very first code camp project. The Tribute page I’ve done is very simple but still I need some constructive feedback and inspiration for future projects.
Thank you in advance

I think it looks really nice. I did not check it on a smaller screen though, I only looked at it on my desktop (just for reference).

The only comment I can make is spell check your page. You have “Time line” i believe that is one word: Timeline .

Otherwise, nice site.


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Thank you, Nao. I will try to check spelling better. Sometimes it’s hard because of my English level :blush:

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Hi nadktk :wink:

Really impressive :wink:
I like the color and the main title’s typography.
Nicely done also for the background in degraded, from the sky to the deep ocean i think :wink:
Yep really good

ps :my only regret is due to that in low resolution the main container doesn’t take the entire width and that the font-size is a bit small otherwise nice page :wink:

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Thank you very much for this detailed feedback, I’ll think about suggested improvements :slight_smile: