First project tribute thoughts?

hello everyone i just wanted to see what u think about my first tribute project
i know its bad any tips are appreciated !!


We can’t access to your link

oh my bad didnt know this site did that.

Looks great to me…


It looks good to me too. It’s responsive and has a clickable link. I think you satisfied all the requirements of the challenge.

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I think it looks pretty good. There’s no reason to be so hard on yourself as you put in the work and made a page that works.

From my own personal point of view, these are the only things I would mention. The stats on the right side of the image look a little cleaner if you give them the class ‘text-left’, which makes it a little cleaner to read. The paragraphs at the bottom are easy to read, but I do find it cleaner to have the words only go as far as the right side of the picture before wrapping back around. Again, this is 100% opinion and I would argue not everyone will feel the same way I do. If it helps to visualise it, I thought it’d be easier to fork the project you had and just show you directly how it looks. It may not be the most correct way to do it because I’m very much just starting out, but all I did was adjust the text on the right of the picture and use a custom jumbotron to adjust the text at the bottom. Other than that, great job and keep on pushing through the projects!

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