Tribute page - first project finished for freeCodeCamp

Hi everyone,
Just finished my first project, the tribute page. Any will appreciate any constructive feedback. Thanks


I like your project overall it looks good to me but the list looks very close to the right edge of the box so I would suggest you to use the margin property in this form at line 123:
Xem Xem Xem Xem; for better visual.
Thats all I could see since Im very beginner with front-end.

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Thak you for the feedback, I will check it out.

I think you should increase the opacity on the content background. The white text is too hard to read over that background.

As I increase the text size the quote at the top starts to overlap the header content.

When I narrow the browser the quote hides behind the image.

how could you these beautiful images, I’m struggling not able to add even one image.
did you use codepen or another program


@SebastianKut I am new here and just saw this. I already submitted my first project and had I seen yours, I would have spent more time on mine. I was only trying to get the technical side down and pass the test and I didn’t worry about great images or fixed img. backgrounds or anything like that… Had this been a work project try-out, you would have gotten the job. over me for sure. Nicely done.