First project with fcc

I am still learning the basics of programming , especially with html and css, but making this was very fun! I think it turned out… alright? But I have an issue with the gallery of images. I dont understand why they wont shrink responsively as the screen gets smaller. I am passing the tests but want to improve this site a little bit before I move on. Any tips?


Hey Bastian,

nice to meet you! :wave:

I uploaded an image for you, the yellow boxes are my own additions:

When you have a look at the highlighted box on the left side, you can see that the flex items actually work as expected, the yellow boxes on the right side show the wrap attribute.

You can also see on the left side, that your image is overflowing its parent elements, e.g. section and figure. This is because images without custom height or width take their original size.

How would I go about adding a custom width/height than? I figure I must be mistaken in believing that my width:50% on line 74 of the css file would act as the custom width/height.

edit. Nice to meet you as well!

The ids on line 73 are mapped to the sections, not the images.

Oh shoot! Yeah that makes sense. Thanks man!

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Not sure if you’re looking for additional feedback @Bastian32 or if you were just concentrating on the gallery of images but here goes;

  • user’s cannot see all of your “bulk text”. It’s hidden behind the gallery of images.
  • your page needs to be responsive. There’s a horizontal scrollbar on smaller screens.
  • Review the lesson about giving meaningful text to links.