First Real Project FeedBack

Hi, Please review my project which im currently working on .This is my first real project where im supposed to help someone showcase his art work.Thank You.Ivy & Alison


Hey @MculoFish!

I think your site looks great! The only small thing that I noticed was that on the gallery page when I would scroll down the page to fast the images would take a while to load.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

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Welcome back @MculoFish! Your project is good.
But, everything seems to be so much big. The header, text and everything is larger.
Add some hover effects for the buttons and experiment with other fonts!

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That looks really good man! Well done!

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Thank you for the feedback. I dont why but I optimized the images before ulpoading them so I dont know wht it’s loading slow.

Thank You. I do have hover effects on the button I dont know why its not working ,ill try fixing the other stuff

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