First steps when creating

Whate are your first steps when creating a website? Do you prefer to build a working HTML&CSS frame and then code up the JS and / or backend? Or perhaps vice versa - you write a few placeholder divs and go onto the programming part so that it wouldn’t hang?

Start with content. Make it as light as possible (think Mobile first). Make sure you have a narrative for each piece of the site and that it’s logically structured and on message. Then get the typography and layout and any graphical flourishes with CSS. Don’t neglect mobile divices. Make sure you know what browsers you are targeting as your tier 1 browsers and focus on getting them beautiful. Tier 2 you can make sure looks close but not necessary as great as Tier 1, and Tier 3 you could serve unstyled or with visual defects and a warning message to tell users to upgrade their browsers. Lastly add those JavaScript behaviors that add extra capabilities or round out the features. Some of your content might be dynamically inserted into the page or you might have some extra fancy animations… all of that is great, just be sure it works or gets out of the way of your content when it doesn’t work.

depends witch website but mostly start with design without code just get picture for how will be look like.
can use a lot of website to design website.