Building my first website

Hi guys, I am just about to build my first website and I am curious how should i do it, should I just focus on the html at the start and then do the css? or is there another better approach?

(If this is a ‘TEST’, I apologize in advance)

Experience the FCC lessons! They are excellent! Once you have completed the FREE lessons you will KNOW how you should do it. If you run into trouble, the excellent folks here will help you.

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It depends on what you are doing. if it is just a simple website, I usually start by roughing it in with HTML and Bootstrap and then fine tune it with CSS. If it is going to be more code heavy like some of the intermediate and advanced ziplines here, I will usually get it working “under the hood” with the JavaScript first, then do the rough in with HTML and Bootstrap then fine tune with CSS. Granted, I haven’t really been using angular or anything really advanced yet, so that might change my workflow.

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