New to coding, I want to learn how to create websites

Hello all!

If anyone has any advice, materials or anything that I could use to learn to code I’d like to read and study.

Also any challenges would be nice too.

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Well, you could be more specific.

As a generic advice, learn a technology before adding something on top of it. Before learning javascript, fully understand HTML and CSS, the same applies to libraries, before using Bootstrap, learn css well enough to understand how bootstrap works and what it does for you. As for materials, you really need to be more specific, there is infinite material online.


Just follow the FCC curriculum.And also have a look into this great guide by our community member @P1xt . Guide: Web Development with Computer Science Foundations - comprehensive path


Well i don’t even know where to start I literally started tonight.

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Thank you I will look into it, I am gonna take a break.


That’s what I’m currently doing.

You really should follow or at least take a look at the guides that @P1xt made. They offer fantastic resources and advice :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Need all the resources I can gather (:

The only resources you need are in the guide. Just stick to them in order and you should be fine :slight_smile:


Thank you! I really appreciate know this.

Start with HTML first. That shld be the easiest one, followed by CSS.

I reckon you spend more time on the positioning ,table & floats.

After that, it shld be J.S

Most of tis shld available anywhere, even on youtube.

For creating websites, you have to learn HTML, CSS. With the help of these, you can create static websites easily.

Start with HTML and CSS. You can get good materials from YouTube. Make sure you compliment it with FCC.

@KillingSlinky, I recommend using to develop your projects. It’s an online code editor built for website projects (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and it has pair-programming support: you can always chat with an experienced web developer that will help you out with programming tips and solving bugs whenever you need.

(disclosure: I work at Habemus helping people through chat)


I was going to say something along the lines of: “He really should code in a desktop editor and not in online editors” but then I realized that the online editor in basicly the same as Atom or Sublime :slight_smile:

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Thank you! All the information is great! I am working my tribute page on

I have sublime text, but honestly I have no idea how to use any of these tools.

Just look it up on YouTube. This is one of the basics that you should learn.

I have heard really good things about vs code (link below). I personally like this cause I am used to Microsoft visual studio.