SITE CREATION:can you help me create a website?

Hi everybody

This is my first ad on freecodecamp
I am studying in a small country and I want to become a creator of site, application and also have a profession of devellopeur
I have several concerns but the first is:

How can I create a website?

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you have did any project of FCC?

Hey kanfonkanfon you can start by learning HTML and CSS. I will recommend to start with the curriculum of FreeCodeCamp then you will see how it goes for you thanks


Welcome @kanfonkanfon. I suggest you take a look at HTML/CSS sections of this curriculum. There’s quite a journey ahead of you if you’ve never written code before. After that things start to fall into place and you will know what the next step will be for you.

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no, what do you put in FAC?

thank you very much chriso

You’re welcome Kanfonkanfon and Good luck on your journey

ok but @kirubiel where can I follow the section?

I mean FCC: FreeCodeCamp at the end of each lesson you got the project go through it

ah ok can i make it?

Go here:

ok @ kirubiel but after that i will make what?

@kanfonkanfon man first try to build some basic html layout you can refer this link
for demo project
for technical knowledge

stay connected here you can get full help from us

Follow the lessons on FreeCodeCamp so you can learn html and css and you will start knowing how to do things, and how to build your website

ok.But after that,can i create my own web site?

After that you will understand what goes into web development and what you should do for your website. It’s kind of an insightful time when learning HTML/CSS. They are the building blocks of the web but definitely not the way to build complex dynamic websites. You would use other technologies like Vanilla JS, React.js, Angular, Ruby, Node.js, the list goes on. But after you learn these two you will have a spring board to jump into whichever side of web development interests you. Or which technologies you would want to pursue in order to make maintainable websites that are well designed and well documented.

ok sans problème mais je demande comment je peux commencer par coder.

It depends on you and how much you can enhance learning from everywhere google it great source man vais essayer d’abord car il faut tenter d’abord avant de dire que c’est impossible

Maybe you should take a crash course into what goes into web development before starting with HTML. You can do anything if you set your mind to it. But you can’t do anything you don’t know about so it depends on your willingness to learn and to be creative.