HTML, CSS, or Bootstrap?

I accomplished the tribute page and I felt pretty proud considering I started coding for the first time last week! Yet I still dont know if i should focus on basic HTML, CSS, or using Bootstrap to accomplish what I need to get done! I feel there’s always multiple ways of doing something and I’m trying to figure out which way I should stick with/learn full effort. Any suggestions???

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Congrats on your accomplishment! It’s a big step to build your first site from start to finish, and I hope you keep at it.

It’s important to understand how these technologies you mention are related. HTML and CSS are used in every web page. HTML is used to structure the content you see and define their meaning. It’s used to create the buttons, textfields, and navbars you see on this forum. CSS defines the style, and it’s used to change the position of elements, set their color, and fonts. You’ll use both of these for every single front-end project you do, so you’ll definitely want to be comfortable with both of them. You do not have to be an expert designer, but you want to be able to create something simple for when you’re programming in JavaScript, which is the main event here at FreeCodeCamp.

Bootstrap is different. Rather than being one of the core web technologies that browsers use, it’s really just pre-written CSS and JavaScript that’s useful for quickly creating a site. Things like drop down menus and image carousels are common features of modern web pages, so using code libraries like Bootstrap can save a lot of typing and prevent bugs. Being familiar with what Bootstrap offers will absolutely help you fire out web apps much more quickly and fill up your portfolio in no time.

I would advise that you spend your time learning JavaScript rather than studying HTML and CSS. As you build projects, you’ll get lots of practice with all of these technologies and more, so get to work on programming as soon as you can.