I have completed html,CSS what next?

i have completed Html & CSS recently . i have few doubts in responsive web design, so i thought that that concept can be covered in bootstrap but i haven’t learned javascript .

what should i do now learn javascript first and then to bootstrap or else it is fine to learn bootstrap without javascript. I’m very much confused,help me out

Hi ,

No, you needn’t to learn JavaScript before bootstrap .
Bootstrap is a library which has prebuilt classes that you can use to implement certain behaviour/designing on your webpage.

PS- In my case, I learnt Bootstrap after javascript but it doesn’t really matter in my opinion. Personal choice definitely vary from person to person. Bootstrap does contain components of javascript as well which requires you to know basics of javascript but for simple basic bootstrap you don’t need to know javascript.

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Tq… Bro…
Any suggestions ,where should i learn bootstrap

FreeCodeCamp has a Curriculum as well here -> https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/front-end-libraries/bootstrap/


FreeCodeCamp’s Awesome Article


Bootstrap’s official documentation is very detailed and easy to understand as well. -> Official Documentation


you can also watch any video crash course on youtube.
ex-> Learn Bootstrap

Good Luck!


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