Bootstrap and javascript

hey guys do you think its best to master bootstrap before moving onto javascript? I’m already on javascript and really like bootstrap but just a bit curious

Bootstrap and JavaScript are two different things. They are often used together.

I would move onto JavaScript. There is plenty of time to develop your Bootstrap knowledge. If you get bogged down in “I want to really learn this before I move on”, then you will never get done. There are too many things to cover. Of the two I might argue that JS is more important because not every frontend dev job will involve Bootstrap, but any FE dev job worth doing will have a lot of JS.

I would move onto JS. There will opportunities to use Bootstrap when you get to the next projects.


thanks @kevinSmith i really appreciate your response

Bootstrap is to the web what going to a stylist and getting a styled haircut is. Javascript is the hairdresser and her tools. Hope that analogy helps.


@rhoffman3621 thanks that concept is pretty good lol

Bootstrap is a framework which is make web development easier. It is a combination of HTML and CSS. Basically bootstrap is mainly used for designing purpose.
Javascript is a programming language with object oriented capabilities. Javascript is totally different from java and integrated with HTML.

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