How much JavaScript must I know before getting to Bootstrap?

I want to learn Bootstrap, but it appears to need JavaScript to use it fully, I do want to learn JavaScript, but I’m nervous with Responsive Sites, which is why I wish to learn Bootstrap first. I could do with some advice.

Hi @Brijesh!

Bootstrap is a UI framework. I would argue that it is more important that you have a foundation in css basics and responsive design before learning bootstrap.

If you are nervous about responsive sites, than you can review some of the responsive design sections in FCC and play around with flexbox and grid.

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My opinion is that:

If you rely on bootstrap documentation

You may not need to know anything in JavaScript to use bootstrap

But you will understand better when you know how to do it with JavaScript

Hence the basics of JavaScript is okay
Then you can learn more by learning what you need or what you use in java script

Example if you use modal in bootstrap then you can go ahead and learn how to make a modal using JavaScript

Depends on your goal you may not need to know too much in JavaScript to use it library’s or frame work but a clear understanding of how it’s done using JavaScript itself can be helpful for self development in solving problem

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