What should I learn after HTML AND CSS?

I Have spent enough time with html and css. I will move forward to learn either JavaScript or Bootsrap. I am following 3 courses at the same time . 2 of them is teaching JS and one of them is teaching Bootsrap. I don’t know what to do?
What do you suggest?
Which one should I learn first?


Hi, welcome to the forum,

Bootstrap uses some Javascript. So I think if you may want to do Javascript before Bootstrap.

Did you complete the HTML/CSS projects from the freeCodeCamp curriculum? Of course there’s a zillion places to learn html and CSS, so if you think you know enough, great. But the projects are a great way to practice and keep up your skills.

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I have done a lot of projects and will be doing more. I spend 5 hours self studying each day, in addtion to 3 hours lecture. I try to build diffrent projects and freeCodeCamp projects are in my list.
So, I should learn JS then, right?

Hi again!

Yes you should learn javascript.

The heart of web development is HTML, CSS and Javascript. All of the other libraries and frameworks are based off of those three core languages.

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Hey, there after learning HTML and CSS. The best is to learn JavaScript. JavaScript is used with HTML and CSS to create dynamic (reactive) websites, and web applications. When comparing whether to learn JS and bootstrap, JavaScript will always be the best choice. HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you know these three together, you can create your dynamic websites and web applications. For example, what happens when you click a button in html and css? What that button does, can be controlled with JS (JavaScript). I suggest you to learn JavaScript at the moment not bootstrap and after that, it’s your choice. You have my suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Javascript. Besides reading slightly about “what is bootstrap?” for maybe an hour, so you know what it is at a high level, i wouldn’t even spend any time on it unless it’s required for your job.

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It depends what you’re interested in.

Being good at HTML/CSS can be enough to start getting paid as a web developer, especially if you freelance.

To be able to do that, you’ll want to learn how to deploy static sites, setup SEO, run performance benchmarks with Lighthouse or other tools, optimize your site, and submit your site to Google through the Google Developers Console (https://console.developers.google.com/)

Another great thing to learn would be setting up analytics on your site. I like useFathom personally but Google Analytics is free

You also want to learn how to purchase a domain name as well as configure DNS. If you use Netlify a lot of this is just taken care of for you.

Most customers will also want an email address with their custom domain and often a contact form. You can sometimes get away without adding a contact form, or talk people out of it, but wiring up a contact form and protecting it with Google reCaptcha would be a good thing to learn how to do.

If you learn all of the above you pretty much have all of the skills you need to start looking for clients or even land a job at a small agency.

After that I’d say JavaScript is definitely the next thing to start learning.

Also – shameless plug – I have a video that shows how to deploy static sites to Netlify if you’re interested :blush:

No doubts: Javascript is a essential programming language for website’s development. It helps you doing more reactive , responsive, interactive sites, and let you also create single page sites. Is a whole new world to learn it. Bootstrap is not: if you are a good CSS programmer, you will not need more for your styles.
You give us only two choices, but i’d like yo recommend, after Javascript, start whit PHP, mainly because it’s very important in every web that need’s data managing (saving, showing, etc.), of any type.

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  • JavaScript + jQuery – JavaScript is the thing to learn after mastering HTML and CSS.
  • Responsive Web Design – You’ll want to learn RWD as part of your HTML/CSS journey.
  • CSS/CSS3 – Make that content look amazing and add some cool animations and effects by learning CSS.
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Definitely JavaScript. HTML, CSS, and JS are the three pillars of the coding world.
JavaScript is also the best friend of HTML and CSS. HTML defines the layout of the site, CSS is responsible for the look and feel, and JavaScript brings it all to life. With JavaScript, the programmer determines how the page responds to the user.
Besides, JavaScript is now the only programming language for browsers. It works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile platforms, that is, everywhere. If you don’t know JavaScript, you’ll have some huge difficulties creating interactive websites.

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