First Survey Form - Thanks For Looking!

Hey everybody :slight_smile:

Finishing up my survey form and looking for any feedback.

I am having trouble getting the submit button centered. Everything else I’m pretty happy with.

Thanks for looking!

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I like it! Simple and to the point.

I used dev tools to look at the page to figure out why the submit button wasn’t being centered and it looks like it’s split into 2 sections. It’s centered but only in the section it’s in. Hopefully this will help you figure out how to center it properly. :slight_smile:

Ah ya, was going to do more but decided not to and didn’t revert that portion. Thanks!

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Hey! my little sister is names Skylar!

I love the background you chose.

Once you learn bootstrap (which is found in the front-end libraries), add it to this.

The border on the submit button is too thick.

At all else, great job!

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