First Tribute Page - Frankie Manning

Hello Everyone!

I have created my first tribute page. It took a surprisingly long time, but I’m pretty happy with how it looks thus far. I would love any and all feedback that you can provide. I’m obviously new to all of this, so any feedback on anything that could have been done better or more efficiently would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


It looks very nice. It was interesting to see how you used classes and id’s to control their styling via CSS. Not sure of the logic behind that, but it was interesting to see that.
Nicely done with incorporating font styles, the styling of paragraphs, and overall layout!

I checked the requirements of the tribute page, and I think you exceeded it. Give yourself a pat on back and go on next challenges!

By the way, good use of Bootstrap. Although, I"m curious to why you used xs columns settings? Any particular reasons?

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Thank you @dr.shreeman!

RE: Logic of classes and id’s to control styling - I am trying to get in the habit of using id’s to control styling a particular element that won’t have the same styling to any other element (ex. the margins on the quote text) while using classes for a set of elements that will have the same styling (ex. class for all the text that will be using the same font style). I’m not sure how well I implemented this but still trying to practice

I used the xs column settings mainly because I don’t really know what I’m doing hahah. I’m still un-sure when I’m supposed to use xs instead of md or lg. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks again for the feedback! I really appreciate it

Great Job! Frankie was a wonderful guy. I’m lucky enough to have learned from one of the people he taught in the revival years. Swing dancing is definitely my favorite dance, but I also love tap dancing with my wife. I think the fonts are great. It might be too busy on the tribute page, but it might be kind of cool to have some Youtube videos of Frankie.

Actually, I should be thanking you as I am now learning more about this as well. See this article
Bootstrap documentation is also pretty good. It’s just question of sitting down, slowing down enough to digest it at a time (and actually try doing it).

As for using class or id, here’s a good discussion

FYI, you also can control classes that are nested inside another div by nesting it also in CSS. Although that can get really confusing at times.

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Wow! I am incredibly jealous! I’m still new to Swing Dancing so I’m still a couple steps removed from Frankie, but it’s great how you can feel his spirit with everyone in the community. Thanks for the feedback, I might try to embed some videos. It would be great practice right?

These materials look great, thank you for the information. I’ve had some trouble digesting the documentation, but I’m going to try your suggestion to actually try out the examples and play around with things more. Thanks again!


Yeah. The ''official" documents are always one of the best ways to go. I went ahead and started experimenting with these columns myself after asking you the same question. I realized I never did explore it, so I got intrigued and made this CodePen. You are most welcome to steal it, I mean clone, and play with it. Resize the window, and you will see what I mean.

On an important note. Bootstrap 4 is different in some aspects, so be aware. CodePen automatically adds Bootstrap 4Alpha when I used their options for settings.

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