Fixed main menu navbar for technical documentation page not showing all of the menu items

I want it of course to look like the fixed menu bar from this page

But my menu bar is not wide enough and as I’ve already stated , it doesn’t show all of the menu items. I’ve tried increasing the width for the nav menu bar, but everytime I attempt to increase its width, it overtakes the main page by hiding the h1 tags in my main section.

Can you share the link of your project with us? I only can see the FCC example.

ReCheck the edit of my original post.

see the edited post?

change min-height: 100vh to height: 100vh

the height of the fixed navbar now only covers half the page, but doesn’t take up the full page. Also, I still have an issue with the width of the navbar because it doesn’t show the full JS documentation title

The font is so big, and you have the overflow-x set to hidden. That’s why you can not see the full title.