Fixed navbar scroll along x-axis


I’m working on the technical documentation page and just trying to get my navbar to scroll on the x-axis while having a fixed position.

I’ve tried wrapping the internal contents of the nav in a div as suggested elsewhere, which works for overflow-y, but I was not able to get to work for overflow-x.


If this is something simple that I just missed in my searches, feel free to just link me to where you found the answer and I’ll be happy to read through it.

Thanks for your help. (:

Not sure what you mean honestly. You want your navbar to scroll x-axis as in horizontal direction?

It’s currently going the y-axis direction.

Oh! Sorry! I have a media query at 1500px~ to move it to the top, so you’d have to make the screen smaller to see it, but, I actually already figured it out!

Just had to wrap the whole nav bar in a div with position fixed with a set width. Then remove fixed from the nav itself.