Tech documentation project nav-bar scroll is not working on my project

How can I get the side nav bar to scroll in the “build a technical documentation page” project as seen here: (see nav bar with “introduction” etc…when the screens height is short, there is a scroll bar that appears inside ONLY the nav bar. How can I do this on my project?)

This is my current version:

Thank you,

Nice work! I’m not a professional, but try adding this:

#navbar ul{
  height: 72%;

It will hide the overflow in x axis, put a scroll in y axis overflow and add some height to the ul. I put a boder: 1px solid red in the ul to see how things were going… But I’m not sure if this is the correct handling!


thanks! It works! And I appreciate the explanation of WHY it works. Understanding what’s going on is a great feeling!