Technical Documentation Page - unable to scroll

I could not scroll through the navigation links
I have completed Technical Documentation Page. However, I noticed that i could not scroll through the navigation nested in “aside tag”. It is a flaw when viewed on mobile phone except one chooses to make its visibility hidden.

However, this is not ideal. Could someone show me how I could scroll through it. My code link is pasted below.
Thanks in advance.

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

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I watched your project. For me according to the size of your navbar elements, it is normal to not have the possibility to scroll. You can check the overflow property and also use media queries for the different screen size to plan another visual for your elements.

Thanks so much for your response.
I am working on that and believe it should give me the desired outcome.
I hope to update you once I am done.

My pleasure @lcim! I hope you will arrive your purposes. Don’t hesitate to update me then :grin:

@LucLH, Unfortunately I did not get the desired result and do not know why.
I edited the original copy and got this new link to avoid messing up the submitted link.
Please see my code using this link:

Thanks so much.

Watch where did you use you overflow properties. You used them in your nav ul definition. You should try the parents of your ul’s nav.

Thanks so much. My problem started with styling what never existed - I did not use list tags on my nav section. I only used anchor elements. When I resolved that, your input helped me sort out the rest.

While overflow was on “navbar ul”, it scrolls fully on lesser width values(mobiles) but not fully on larger screen (laptops…).
Now it was moved to the parent container, it worked perfectly on Microsoft Edge but not on Chrome browser. I added margin-bottom to “navbar ul” to push it up. I now understand why one needs to test on multiple browsers.
What I also noticed now is that on smaller screens I see two scroll bars, one for each section.
Thank you so much for your time.

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No problem @lcim, happy that you arrived to figure out your issues. You really have the good spirit and a good method.

The browser tests are really important because some CSS properties work well on some browsers but maybe not on others. There is a website that allows you to check each CSS property and check their compatibility with the browsers. Maybe you already know it but just in case I give you the link:

Thanks so much. I am a newbie - I do not know about the website. Thanks again @LucLH

No problem, my pleasure @lcim :wink:

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