Responsive Web Design Projects- Technical Documentation Page

I whipped up a Technical Documentation Page pretty quickly. I just want to get the format down. I’m having trouble with the nav bar. I need the boxes to go to the end of the left of the page, for the full element to be covered when hovering and for there to be a scroll bar on the right side of the nav bar.

I’m sorry for asking so much but the projects really do ask us to learn a lot of new for each challenge.

<ul>'s have default left padding. Try setting its padding-left to 0.

You mean you want the entire box to be clickable, not just the text? Try setting the <a>'s inside to be display: block. You may also want to move the padding: 20px from the <li> to the <a>

Try adding overflow-y: auto to the <nav> element

@kevcomedia GREAT FEEDBACK! Thanks for your help