Technical documentation page project. Need your feedback please

Just did my fourth project.
I have one little problem… If someone can help me out T_T
the navbar on the left side, does not scroll down if I have items vertically exceeding the page. Also, When I shrink it to certain size I assign, it doesn’t show the scroll bar like the sample project. Can someone point out what I’m doing wrong?
Thank you!
technical page

It’s a good one :slight_smile:

Everything looks fine, the scrollbar is not appearing because, your content is not long enough to exceed the viewport.

Give your li some padding-bottom of 15px and apply top and bottom to 0 with overflow-y to scroll in your #navbar, you will get the scrollbar

For smaller screens remove the padding of 5px to left and right on the #navbar, it makes horizontal scrollbar visible, so remove it and the layout will be better now.

Good Luck.!

Got it! overflow is what I was looking for! thanks!