Technical Documentation page - Steve

Hi Everyone

I’ve just finished my technical documentation page!
I would really appreciate any feedback please


I thought it looked great, clean and easy to read. Worked fine and looked the same on both Firefox and Chrome. It was cool that you did it all in plain CSS.

FYI, the scrollbar for the nav bar only shows up on Firefox. In Chrome (running on Mac El Capitan) there’s no scrollbar and the vertical divider is cut off:

It might also help with ease of use if the whole navbar row was clickable, not just the text, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, great job and congrats on finishing!

Thank you for the great feedback! I’ve made some changes in response

  1. whole navbar row is clickable
  2. vertical divider is now full height
  3. i added bold dividers in the navbar to show top and bottom more clearly
  4. the vertical scroll bar disappears in both firefox and chrome in full screen i think because the navbar is shorter than the screen? It reappears if i reduce the vertical screen size to less than the navbar height or should it be always visible?