My Technical Documentation Page—Project

Hello everyone!

Here is my Technical Documentation Page

I am happy I have passed all the test cases. My Technical Documentation Page is very simple but I just wanted to share it with you all.

If any one has the time I would love some feed back on all aspects, from layout to markup.

Thank you.

Hi @Satish1206
I think it is a nice design, I like it, simple yes but that is how technical documentation should be, clear and easy to read.
The 1 downfall that jumps out to me is that I cannot see any of the nav links below if else statement on my laptop, I cannot scroll down to them.
In order for me to see all the nav links I had to give the navbar ul a height of 55vh which is not the perfect solution but works on my end.
Other than that a very good project sir

@Jaydog Thanks for your feedback. I have changed the height of navbar. Can you please check other things from design to markup.

Apart from perfecting the navbar at all screen sizes which is I think the single most difficult task in any of the projects on the course.
It’s a very good project and there’s nothing I’d really change in it. Well done!
PS sorry to say but I am still missing the reference link from the nav on my laptop but it is greatly improved on before.
I actually think the course doesn’t really give people the knowledge they need to get that navbar perfect, infact it doesn’t really cover scrollbars at all let alone how to make them work at various screen sizes so perhaps we shouldn’t expect perfection of ourselves.

@Jaydog Thank you for your Feedback. I will check and make it work.

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