Technical Documentation grade

Hi guys.
I just finished doing my technical documentation project so i was wondering if you guys could help me grade it.
And please tell me how I can do better I really appreciate it

HI @gideonchidi471 !

I think your page looks good.

You have a few small errors in your html.

Run your code through the html validator

Hope that helps!

Thanks it really help me

I’m going through the course as well so I’m not an expert, but: I think your content is well laid-out and well formatted. It’s easy to read, and the formatting emphasises the right kind of content.
However, your navbar is a little bit difficult to use because it scrolls with the content of the page. Whenever the user clicks on one of the section headings in the navbar, the page scrolls to that section, but the navbar scrolls as well. It might be better if the navbar didn’t scroll with the content of the page, as it would then provide a kind of “home base” from which the user can control their position in the main content. I think there are a few different ways of achieving this, but looking into how you use the “position” feature on your main content and your navbar would be a good start. Question whether using a grid layout is the best solution for this purpose, considering the way it limits your individual control over the two columns that you’ve created.

Thanks for your reviewing it I really appreciate.
So how do you suggest I solve the navbar problem

The other suggestion I would make is that you should move the nav menu to the top of the page above the content when the view port gets too narrow. In the real world you would probably implement a hamburger menu for this but you really need JS to do that well so just having all the links at the top is good enough for now. This will get rid of the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom.

Another issue is that you shouldn’t have <code> as a direct child of the <ol> in the list in the Hello World section. Just move it inside the second <li>.

And lastly, your page should have one <h1> near the top of the page. I would make the “Javascript Documentation” string at the top of the menu that h1. And then each section heading should be an h2.

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