Flexbox convert orientation from row to column?

left is the image i am having , right is what i want

I need help with flexbox to acheive it

 radioFormStyle: {
        display: "flex",
        flexWrap: "wrap",

Normally to change orientation of flexbox you would use

flex-direction: row | row-reverse | column | column-reverse

By default it is set to row. Here’s little demo where I set flex-direction to column.

I did flex-direction:column but all the items are now one vertical column. it is not breaking up into more columns

How to create a break-point after a certain elements ?

You will need to set a fixed height of your container.
Take a look at the example that I’ve sent you. On the container I set height to 200px so if there is no more space available for items they span in the next column :slight_smile:

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flex-flow:column wrap; - this should be the basic, from there you might need to set height of the container and adjust items aligment

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If you have a two-dimensional layout, as you have here, note that it is much easier to control this using grid rather than flex.

you can do flex:1 0 20%