Flexbox lesson step 20 and 21 issue

I place this code for step 20 below, I reviewed it multiple times but I don’t see the error. The hint tells me this: Your new @media query should have a max-width of 800px.
It kept denying the my code and tell me to keep trying. Same thing happens for step 21 when I skipped ahead and tried it out as well. Please help. Thanks!!

//code below

@media screen and (max-width: 800px) {

  #gallery img{

    width: 50%;



I think this might be a bug in the tests. Try getting rid of “screen” in the media query selector.

P.S. Always include a link to the specific step/challenge you are having problems with.

P.S.S. OK, I found the step. My instinct was correct, you need to remove “screen” but you also have one other error. The word “and” is used for boolean comparisons. Are you sure you need it here?

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Thank you so much, bbsmooth! :smiley: I found the code from an online website and did not know how to fix it. I will remember to include the step next time. Again, I really appreciate your help! :smile:

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