Flexbox not working in my react app

I was trying to move my buttons using flexbox but it doesnt work… I’ve tried inline styles, material ui flex box, and just css too but it doesnt work and im clueless why. Could anyone help?

the buttons are in component/GrammarForm and component/ResetButton
btw dont worry about Main.js errors stripped it so its easier to read.

so do i have to put the buttons in the box?

Hey Joshua,

I created a div under the textarea and put the resetbutton and the check button into it.
Then I made the div a row flexbox and justified it space-between.


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thanks man actually i just solved it too lol i added flex box to the form element then some more shit, but i think your solution sounds easier.
btw is there a way to keep the reset button aligned with the text-box? cuz there is a bit of space