Flexibility in interpreting projects?

Can someone please provide or refer me to official guidance on how much flexibility we have in creatively interpreting project requirements?

Is the requirement simply for all tests to pass, or does the project also need to adhere closely to the described theme?

For example, with the first project, the tribute page, does it have to be a literal tribute page, or can it be anything that satisfies the automated tests?

Apologies if this has been asked before—I wasn’t able to find it.

Can i offer unofficial guidance?
I believe if you pass the tests, theoretically whatever you make will be accepted but i would encourage you to make the requested pages in the given contexts because they are actually very common types of pages and they make an interesting start to your portfolio. Nothing stopping you from making additional projects to your heart’s desire too anytime of course…

Everything that you do on FCC is for you to take what you want from it. FCC gives you a task and the ability to practice writing to requirements. You can choose to do as much or as little as you like. I would argue that there is value in doing the projects as written. Be creative and have fun with them but the idea is that you have been given a task and your job is to use your programming skills to achieve that task in the best way you can. Maybe it inspires you to then go off and design your own project that you are personally excited about. All the better! Do that too!

Thank you both for the feedback!

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