Should I complete the FCC projects just per the minimum requirements OR should I make them actually look good?

Right now, I’m finishing up the “Responsive Web Design Certification” projects.

To what extent is it worth making them look pretty nice versus just completing the specific requirements FCC asks for?

it depends, do you want to use them to showcase what you can do?

you can also just meet the minimum requirements now, and return later to keep hacking at them to make them look good

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I originally started trying to make them as beautiful as possible. But then it sort of morphed into me doing stuff beyond what the project was asking me to do, and I was becoming burnt out and frustrated.

I would suggest you complete the minimum, but make them look “presentable”. It doesn’t have to be portfolio ready, but presentable (basic alignment here and there).

imo, it’s more important to keep going through the coursework and learning. When you’re done, by all means go back and polish up the projects.


I sorta have these perfectionist tendencies as well. But given your advice, I will try to just make them look presentable and just focus on progressing further through the coursework

Thats great advice. I was hoping someone had posted this question