Font awesome icon problem

I haven’t used Font Awesome recently. But I noticed that the example I linked uses the fa prefix like fa fa-icon and the example @jwilkins.oboe linked uses fab like fab fa-icon and the example from @Treasure is using fas fa-icon. I’m guessing the prefix is related to the version. So you may need to figure out which CDN link will work with the fas prefix.

Thank you guys I finally got it right.

God bless you all!

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I see you got this resolved…glad you did. I just wanted to add this from another post when I was researching/helping another user with FontAwesome. Basically, you can create a CSS pseudo class for the font in the FontAwesome CSS file and specify which font (icon) you want to use by setting its content: property. This is assuming you have the CDN link working to import the fonts…

Hopefully this info is useful to somebody :slightly_smiling_face:

fas is for “FontAwesome Solid”, a filled shape, fab is for “FontAwesome Branded” (logos like twitter, Facebook, etc)
and I think there is one other, far for “FontAwesome Regular”, the outline shape.

I’m not sure if there are seperate CDNs for each or if there is a CDN that imports all of them.

With the info in my last reply you can name the CSS pseudo class whatever you want (doesn’t have to be fas-whatever) as long as you set the content: property to the correct unicode character for the icon you want to use. I tested that about a month ago and it worked.

Ok got it.

Thank you for the info.

Just an FYI, version 4 just had the fa prefix (What’s Changed From Version 4 to 5?). But I think the fa prefix still works as an alias for all fas prefixes.

On the cdnjs website you can choose which version of font awesome you are looking for.

It is a pretty handy site :grinning:

Oh I see…

Yes, I’ve been to that site. That seems to do with the version of FontAwesome. The latest being v6.0, but… the FontAwesome site says:

What I meant in previous reply (and should’ve clarified better) was that I wasn’t sure if there were seperate CDNs for the fas, fab, far, etc. Or if each version of the CDN includes all the icons/fonts.

When I was testing FontAwesome, I just downloaded the free v5.15.3 and threw it in a folder of my local WAMP server’s www directory. So I haven’t used any of the FontAwesome CDNs. I just imported the CSS from the local files. There are a bunch in there like:


etc, etc

I think I just imported the “all.css” to get going quickly as the other user I was helping was having a different issue related to CSS styling of the FontAwesome icons/fonts.

But anyways, good info to know about all the different versions of the CDNs.


Hello everyone.

Pls am having issue with the border radius in CSS,it’s not working properly.

I need help.

It sounds like a you are dealing with a new issue.
It would be best to create a new topic with your code.