Font-Awesome icons don't appear

(Angular) I can’t get my fontawesome icons to appear. I’m pointing to the 5.15.1 CDN. Here are some code snippets:

In the component.ts:
angleLeft = faAngleLeft;

In the component.html:
<fa-icon [icon] = angleLeft></fa-icon>
<i class="fas fa-icon"></i>

(In the module.ts I have references to CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA.)

Can anyone address this? Thank you.

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It would be a bit hard to track the exact issue when the whole project is missing.
I recommend making a stackblitz project with your current code so we can get deep into it and solve the issue.

Good luck :call_me_hand:

Hey @dalefrancis!

Add this to your file

<script src=""></script>