Fool Proof Way to Uninstall Mongodb && Start Over

I recently started experimenting with mongodb. My first day went well in fact I began to make a trello-clone from scratch following along with CJ from Coding Garden. However on day 2 i was no longer able to launch the service I was getting network errors which kept me from connecting to localhost bizzare because all other services work fine i.e {vue/feathers/node js}. Frustrated i decided to uninstall && reinstall. when attempting to reinstall i get failures and have no idea what to do besides completely wiping my ssd and begining my ubuntu experience from scratch which i really dont want to do given how many things ive gathered in the 4 months down this rabbit hole. If anyone has any insight on recovering from bricking their mongodb so that i can get back up and running please share id be extremely thankful

I installed it locally on one of my PCs but from now on I have created databases on and connected there.
Unless you are planning to develop on a computer with no internet, I don’t see why you can’t use mlab.
Note. Create your db in sandbox mode (free)