For those of you who study coding

Assuming that you know nothing about coding and starting fron blank state, How many hours do you guys study coding per day? I know it really depends on individuals and their focus level and life style etc. i have seen people and they said they study like 5~6 hours which is really good for them and i honest envy that they can do that. I believe it is because i’m impatient with myself that i want to become a software programmer but at times i feel like i 'm not putting enough of work but i know my focus level that after 2 hours my brain gets fried up. I want to leave with excitement for next lesson not feeling burn out and drop everything at the end of the studying. so if anyone who is walking on this journy and already have walked on it and became of softwared engineer, I would love to hear your stories.

Thank you very much everyone.

Time is a relative thing, and strictly personal, and rest is extremely important

What you can do is spend those hours you have for programming in the best way possible

And that is, practice, build stuff

If you are tired maybe read something- for example

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the time you can invest in studying per day, can greatly depends on what you are currently dealing with. If you are to learn hard and unfamiliar matter, some large chunk of information, which is piling and piling and every next thing supposes you have a firm grasp of the previous, this can be overwhelming for the brain and you would need to take breaks, nore your brain would be capable of assimilating that much of a data, or for too extended period of time(at least thats the case with my brain^^). But if we are talking of a study, where you are presented easy to comprehend things, you are given visuals, you are presented with interesting to handle tasks, in the shape of game even, this can be even entertaining and you might find yourself learning much longer than you intended. It might be the case you are wroking on a project, which can also be considered learning, and spend hours on it. So really, it strongly depends on the subject you are working on and the manner you do it; do you take enough breaks, are you fresh, or you are tired etc.

You may get less tired if you

  1. Set a goal and subgoals
  2. Study to get you to the goals
  3. Practice
  4. Repeat

Studying without goals makes me dizzy in 10 minutes.

If you cannot reach your goal, break it up to smaller subgoals and solve each task independently. I bet your sessions of learning will be longer when you are more focused on solving problems rather than plain study.

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