How many hours do you learn to code here in FCC daily?

I do the challenges 2 hours everyday. If I do more than that i’d start to drift off and find myself doing something non-programming related stuff.

Since I’m learning JavaScript rn, my learning hours tend to decrease since the challenges are hard and frustrating. Unlike when I was learning HTML and CSS, finished the course and the projects in a month.

I’m curious about anyone here on how many hours do y’all do the challenges…

2 hours is a good goal. When I was doing FCC, I think I did 30 minutes to 6 hours, depending on what the day was like. Every few weeks I’d take a day off.

But yeah, when you’re learning hard stuff, it’s normal to need a break. Your ability to concentrate for longer periods of time will increase. But even as a professional developer there are days when I get 4 hours into a problem and I need to take a step back, go for a walk, let the brain decompress. Famously, sometimes the solution will come to you during these breaks.

I’d say to do what works for you. If two hours is what you can invest before your brain begins to turn to oatmeal (which is how I describe it), then that’s a great goal and will definitely pay off.


On average I can usually spend about an 1 hour working on code/school/reading/learning stuff about code. But If I’m working on a project or something I can spend a couple hours in the grind. I will usually get up and stretch, go sit on the porch outside or something as breaks in between.

I think getting away from it if you’re stuck on something and just take a breather is good. Then when you get back you’ve got a clear mind, and a goal to tackle. But I also just have days I don’t code, usually just every couple of days.

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I wouldn’t worry much about how much time you spend, as not all time is made equal. You could spend 4 hours watching a tutorial and half paying attention, or you could spend 40 minutes hard at work trying out something new and learning a lot.

You don’t have to spend all your time grinding against the same challenge over and over. You can always spend some time reading about other technology, methods, APIs, different approaches or just tech in general.

You could also spend time reviewing what you should already know and working on a side project, using some of what you’ve already worked on and maybe something new and different.

There is always a lot to learn, you don’t need to learn all of it, just be aware of what you can learn :slight_smile:

Don’t focus on the clock, focus on the knowledge. If you want to go out and get some fresh air instead of grinding against the same challenge go ahead! Or take a break and just read about some JS apis, or look at trending codepens :slight_smile:

Good luck, keep learning!


Good question. For me it varies from maybe a half hour to several hours (up to 3-4) in the evenings after work. I usually take at least one day a week off from coding, especially if I had a grueling day at my regular job. Like you, I drift off sometimes, so if I’m dealing with something challenging I’ll be sure to pace myself.


I don’t know why but you guys motivated me, reading all of your replies thinking “oh so these people also goes through the same struggle that I currently have”.

Y’all are wholesome and btw thanks for the replies! ;>