Introducing myself and a question

Hello, I’m Alejandro, I’m from Caracas, Venezuela.

I’m starting the FCC today, I’m at lesson 103 in Front-End, I have no experience at all more than few hours of programming in a language I don’t know maybe c++ I’m not sure, it was for bot programs of a game (yes, I was a cheater the last time I played a game called Tibia and I wasn’t interested in paying for something I knew I could create, maybe not good as pros but they did what I wanted)

Okay, so I went to CodeAcademy recommended by Jason of Indie Shuffle (founder and editor of the music web/blog) had a brief e-mail chat with him and he recommended me to learn HTML and that stuff.

My first goal is to learn all of HTML and few mins in CodeAcademy brought me to inquired about more schools like Code and I’ve found FCC recommended in Quora, then I did a research comparing few similar pages and now I’ve all the afternoon in FCC and I like the potential it has, as well I’d like to help ONGs in the later stages of the FCC as potential portfolio. So Web-design isn’t my main goal but to get the knowledge and maybe have this as my first job and my blog or blogs as a hobby, business maybe but I’m willing for both now.

My question goes to, How much will take me 6-10 hours a day to finish the full program? I’d like to do at least 3 big projects for ONGs/non-profits to gain experience and share ideas, knowledge, experience with the team I’d maybe met someday. I find it beautiful. So far I’m in love with FCC.

Hi everyone and I expect to be part of FCC community for a long time.

Edit; How do I memorize all the libraries? or some people work with libraries resources at hand but ofc, knowing what to do.

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This question is really hard to answer because that number will fluctuate based on each individual learner. It’s also a question that has been asked a hundred times. Somewhere, I bet there is a forum moderator digging for a link to one of the previous questions just like this one.

The team estimates that the entire curriculum takes approximately 2,080 hours. If you work 8 hrs/day, 5 days/week, it will take you one year to finish the entire curriculum.


This question gets asked quite a lot on the forum.

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Happy coding :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m, new too. From what I understand, it takes about 40 weeks to complete the program at 8 hours per day. Also, fellow tibia player, or I used to be anyways, and you probably used Lua to make your macro script for tibia. Most “bots” or macros for tibia use Lua. If you want to do just the top end stuff, I think it’s 400 hours, and the rest is 2080 hours total for full stack. Hope I helped :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I remember, they’re Lua scripts. I wonder how small is the world.

hello. I’m new myself! Just recieved word to create an account here on the forums.

hi and welcome @benstratton!

Day 2, maybe 18 hours spent, first time learning programming, lesson 189, am I okay? I did the tribute challenge but not the portfolio website yet. I don’t feel skilled enough to make a good job on that challenge.

Another question, any good free resources to improve while I learn as well from here? My tribute challenge, I wanted to create a website using just HTML and JS but I had to use CSS then and changing the resolution of the website makes it look like a complete mess.

In my opinion, I find JS useful and better than using CSS for CSS, I’d rather use JS for everything style related and I know JS is mainly for actions. What are the opinions in this place about my previous sentence? I find programming beautiful and I want to master it in all its aspects.

A few comments on your tribute codepen:

  1. You will want to learn how to position things on new lines without using <br> tags. See resource here on how and how not to use <br>.

  2. Honestly, I think using JS to do your CSS is a terrible idea. I’m with you on really disliking CSS. But all you’re doing with this approach is shifting the CSS to JS. It’s much cleaner, straightforward, and lighter to style with CSS. You can use JS to change styles based on page interaction if necessary, but assigning default styles with JS is a poor decision in my opinion. Consider that someone else might have to work on a project with you and they open up your source code and realize you’ve done this? They’re going to be cursing you under their breath.

  3. I’d also hazard against using CSS position the way you have. There are very specific use cases for position. Position will make mobile responsiveness much harder to do correctly.

In general, I’d recommend slowing down. You aren’t going to get very far if your only goal is to do everything as fast as possible. Stop measuring your progress based on how fast you’re getting through challenges, but on what you’re learning and if you can use it properly on the projects. I think I might even recommend that you start back at challenge one, go more slowly, and really let the stuff sink in rather than blowing through as fast as possible.

It seems like you are adding unnecessary code in order to serve your CSS via JS.

Out of curiosity, why do you prefer it that way?

Also, in this case, you aren’t just using JS, but jQuery, which is a large library. Nothing else on your tribute page requires jQuery, so the only purpose it has here is to serve CSS. This is adding bloat to your page.