Just started, how much does it take

i just started to learn how to code today im 16 years old i wish i could know when i will be done with the learning step but really excited to start the career of my life and yeah i have a question is freecodecamp enough to learn coding?

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in all honesty you are in the same position in which I was three months ago (I am 13) FCC is more thorough than anything else you will find but if you want to accelerate your knowledge even more and want to get a job you actually can keep you will need to learn multiple languages. freecodecamp will give you a very solid foundation to build on and you can learn on websites such as udemy udacity and courser and edx if you want something more hands on but FCC is a great foundation but no not enough.

Well, I see you have embarked on a journey very beautiful which you will cherish when you will look back.
Even I started with FCC around a few months back(I am 18 currently, I guess you have a head start :slight_smile: ) and have been enjoying the journey so far.
And if you think that you are late, then you are wrong.Just yesterday a new friend of mine @anon52159105 made me realize that it was never late to learn to code.
Although you might face hardships along the journey and might take you a bit of time but that is how life works.
You put in years of hard work and eventually you get the fruit.
In my case (coming with an experience of an year of Python), although it was easier to just switch to a different language, but anyways you will learn as you progress.
Happy Coding and remember Never Let GO.


On the downside, everything is always changing,so you will never be done with the learning step… on the bright side, everything is always changing, so you will never be bored and always get to learn something new!!! :laughing:

I first learned HTML in the 90’s… I got busy with other things in life for awhile, and when I returned to it, it was now HTML3 and CSS was a thing, so I had to learn those…and now theres HTML5 and CSS frameworks like LESS and SASS, Im still getting a handle on learning that, and for sure it will only keep evolving…and its like that for programming languages and frameworks as well.

I know what you mean to ask though…how long before you are proficient…that really depends on you, how much time you devote to studying, your aptitude for retaining information and even more importantly, how much time you spend actually making something to a) use what you’ve learned to cement it in your brain and b) learn more things along the way. Also, the more you learn, the easier it will be to learn new knowledge, because you’ll have a foundation to build up on.

So yeah, not knowing how fast / how well you learn, how devoted you’ll be to study, or how much time you’ll spend just reading compared to actually building things…theres no way to give a definite time. Proficiency is just something that sneaks up on you…keep going and one day it will hit you.


I’m 51. When will you finish the learning step? NEVER. Learning is a lifetime experience.


i found videos that explain everything in a perfect way, the best thing about it is these videos are done by my native language