Form submission needs method attribute

I’m stuck on step 14, the first time the method attribute is brought up; I haven’t had to look anything up on other sites before this point. It’s not like I can’t look it up elsewhere and learn how to use method myself, I just wanted to know whether that was a deliberate omission or a mistake in the design of the course.

Before encountering this, I also noticed that the instructions were becoming less and less specific because we are supposed to already know how to do those things without more explicit instructions, but one can tell that this is intentional and makes perfect sense, as we had been taught how to do it in the course itself. It just felt natural, until we were requested to use method, which was very confusing as it had never been mentioned before, so after reading your reply, I’m sure that it’s a mistake.

Specifically, in that step we’re asked to make a form submit to a specific URL “using the correct method”. So one would naturally think “oh, so I have to use the action attribute and make this URL its value”, but when we enter that code, we’re told it does not pass, and that we “should give the form element a method attribute with a value of post”, even though we haven’t been told what the method attribute is, what it does, or how to use it.

Here’s the link to this specific challenge:

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Hi there, I have moved your post to its own thread so as not to hijack the other person’s topic from them.

Please provide a link to the challenge you are on to help us understand you better.


Thank you, I’ve added the link in the opening post. I replied to that other thread to add information about the issue both that user and I had come across; I didn’t mean to hijack it, sorry.

Anyway, I really think not explaining how method works or even mentioning its existence, then not being specific about it in the instructions in Step 14, and marking our code as wrong because we (understandably) didn’t use it, wasn’t intended by the authors of the course. So I believe it’s a mistake, based on what you said in the other thread:

there should not be any entirely new information being asked of you. If you see something you believe is entirely new please let us know.
if you do come across something that you are sure you have not been taught in principal before, please let us know here.

I’ve already gotten past that step with my own research, but I’ve seen other people in the forums have the same problem I had, though most of them didn’t get a clear answer in the replies. I hope that challenge will be fixed, since form attributes are a bit more difficult to understand, and copy-pasting the missing code from the hint so your code will be accepted is definitely not the way to learn.

Hello, as far as I can tell the method attribute was not discussed before so I have opened a new issue on GitHub for this

Feel free to follow the issue or add your comments.

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