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My question is not specific to any lesson in this section, but it is about the section itself. I feel as though I’ve missed something. I’ve completed all of the prior lessons in the New Responsive Web Design course, but all of the previous lessons introduced the concepts about which they tested me, or asked me to complete within the lessons.

In this section, I have been asked to complete multiple things within the first 20 steps that have never come up in any previous lesson, and it also seems as though they are intentionally providing less information to try and challenge you. I appreciate the latter but without ever having had exposure to the information, how am I expected to know? Did I miss something coming into this? Are there supporting documents that come along with it? Or am I expected to just look things up myself on Stack Overflow or something similar each time I get stuck?

For an example of what I mean, I have never seen the “method” attribute within a form mentioned, and yet that was a required item for the most recent lesson I completed.

well let me see if I can help address some points you have made.

1- there should not be any entirely new information being asked of you. If you see something you believe is entirely new please let us know. (There was one such case recently that I am aware of and I hope the person has followed up and opened a github issue but I’m not sure of the current status…)

2- yes the instructions are purposefully becoming less detailed. The idea is that you are hopefully becoming better at taking generally phrased requirements and making sense of them into code (in real life this can be as general as “make me a web store - full stop”)

3- You should definitely be trying to look stuff up actively in documentation online. This is a standard procedure for everyone in development. Do not be afraid to continue that.
(ps. there are some well known resources online for html/css development docs let me know if you need links)

Let me again re-iterate that if you do come across something that you are sure you have not been taught in principal before, please let us know here.

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