Form-submit without php?

Hi all! Would like to send a form from my new website (just to play around in a real environment), but do not have an endpoint/link for the form action-command. The provider is offering wordpress with php, besides coding yourself. Of course I do not want to use klicki-klicki wordpress. Does it mean I have to learn PHP now :expressionless: to be able to send my form somehow? Could not find a way so far how to adress the hosters endpoint to just submit a form without wordpress.
Or is it common, that you have to learn php, because nearly all hosters use it (do not have a clue so far)? Thank you so much!

A backend language such as PHP is not specifically required for a form submit. You can have the action of a form set to a for example that will bring up a new email action for the user in their desktop or web client for email.

Having a Backend component, though, gives you a ton more that you can do with form submissions such as automatically sending an email in the background based on the user’s input.

Learning a Backend language is important because you will need to do things on a server in order to achieve certain functionality. You don’t have to learn PHP although it is still a widely used language.

Hi Marcus! Thank you for your reply.
Of course I want to send the form in the background , without opening the users mailclient. Was not aware it is so complicated. In tutorials they just mention to enter a destintion link like form action=“…whatever.php”. I thought knowing this destination link for a specific hoster is it, but probably not.
That means aside from knowing this special link I need to code php somewhere? Or do I have to code the destination-php-page myself? Thank you!

There are services that will send email for you if you are unable to develop your own solution, but they can be pricey. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube that will walk you through setting up PHP mail. The code for it is not that bad.

Here is an example video that has good like/dislike ratio (I haven’t watched it): (1) Send email with PHP | Create a Working Contact Form Using PHP - YouTube

Setting up a simple Express backend to test with isn’t that hard. But you really should do the JS and backend part of the curriculum first. They will teach you what you need to know.

You can also use something like Netlify forms (100 per site /month for free) without a backend.

Thank you for all your tipps! My hoster does offer a single predefined default.php-page, but guess its meant to be to start off with wordpress. If I open it, it is just commercial and links to wordpress-plugins. Watched the video Marcus recommendet. :+1:
Found out my hosters smtp-server and port and already have my own mailadress there. Is this sufficient info to process a php-form-submit, to target their mailserver ? Creating the right php-code should be possible somehow.
After completing the css course I will continue with js. But I can not wait this long. :grin: Sending a form is so essential. Good night and thank you!

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