Fortnite Survey Form FCC


Project feedback for this survey form, please.

And I have a problem with my background picture. When I look at the desktop it looks as I want :

But when I open it on my mobile device it looks like this :

The reason why you are having the background image problem is because you put an image that has a size based on pixels. If the image’s width is based on percentage, then it will resize as expected (although images based on percentages don’t exist. :frowning: ). If you want to set a background image, it is best that it is a geometric repeating pattern so that it will, no matter what size the browser is, display the same pattern at the same width.

If you resize your browser without a media query and with that image, your image will stay the same size.
Your phone doesn’t really use the media query maybe because it’s pixel scaling is a little bit different.

I like the double borders you added. They look really nice.

Text visibility is one of your project’s issues. The blue text against a blue background isn’t very seeable and causes a lot of eye strain to be able to see it.

Try and choose a font that matches the game better.

Nice work. Keep it going.


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Thank you for your advice and support I appreciate that. I will try to make changes as you suggested. Thanks a lot :smiley:

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You’re welcome. I’m always glad to give helpful feedback.