Survey form preoject

hi everyone this is my second project.I just finished project today. it looks good as least not looks horrible :smile:.
I am open any feedback if you see any improve part my project please let me know.
here my page

I have few question for my project
1)I cant layout my background image as I wish on survey form.I try few things(adjust image min and max size or adjust margins padding) I think problem source my page general structure of page.(but I don’t idea what İ do wrong)

2)my second problem is How do I turn off the shining inside blue of radio, checkbox when my mouse passes over.(I try outline:none but its doesn’t work)

3)I don’t use media query but stile good look my phone why so.(just my phone like this?)

It looks really good!

For the image, try an image that is longer height wise instead of width. (So a photo that is longer top to bottom as opposed to side to side). So a portrait instead of a landscape.

For the blue outline, I only see a blue outline on your page when I click on the text area. So if you put outline:none in your textareaCss class it will delete that. (I tested it to make sure).

It looks good on your phone because you have the actual form portion centered and with a slim width as opposed to 100% so it will look better on a phone. If you were using it for a portfolio I would recommend still adding media queries just to make sure it lines up perfectly.

Great job!!

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thanks for the feedback :laughing:
I really understood it thanks!!
1)it really fix my problem but I wonder can fix just using with css
2)I try this like you said but don’t change but the problem may be caused by me
3)now I get it after add media query